How to Use the Share Buttons

After uploading each image you are presented with a new set of Share Buttons. Share buttons make it simple for you to quickly post your image to whatever platform you wish.


Share Buttons - Usage

Using a Share Button is a two step process.

After uploading an image;

  1. Click the Share Button that best matches the site you are posting to.
  2. Go to the forum or platform where you want to display your image. Press 'CTRL-V' to paste the share code in the Reply/New Post box

Things to note:

  • Most forums will accept the 'phpBB / [IMG]' option. 
  • Clicking a share button copies everything you need to your PC's clipboard.
  • When you click a share button you'll see a notification appear at the bottom of the screen letting you know what was most recently copied to your clipboard.

 This video show the basics of using HobbyPhotoHost to share photos on the forum(s) of your choice.