How to upload your images (desktop)

Uploading from a desktop PC/Mac can be done in just a few steps.

Log in to HobbyPhotoHost

  1. Click the 'Upload' option in the top menu/title bar
  2. Open the directory on your computer that contains your photos
  3. Drag your photo from your computer on to the middle of the upload area surrounded by a dotted line and release your mouse button
    1. Note; when the image/mouse cursor is in the correct position to upload the dashed box will turn green
  4. As soon as you release your mouse button the image upload will begin. A progress bar and spinner are presented on the page
  5. When the upload is complete you're new share code buttons are presented, if there was a problem with the upload you will receive a notification of the issue instead.
  6. Note that different account types/subscriptions have different restrictions. If you are using a free account you may need to reduce your image file sizes before uploading.

Your upload filesize limit is displayed under the upload box along with file formats supported on your account. If you would like to increase your upload file size you can upgrade your account/subscription.

You can also check out our step by step introduction to uploading/basic use here.