Free accounts

Free accounts lack some of the more advanced features of the paid accounts, but are still perfect for people that only want the most basic, no-fuss image hosting service.


The most notable limitations of free accounts are;

  • The maximum upload file size is smaller
  • Uploaded images include a 'Proudly hosted by HobbyPhotoHost' watermark
  • GIF images are not supported
  • The maximum number of uploads is limited

Free images remain on our servers and available for people wherever you post them for as long as you need them.


When do free uploads expire?

Free uploads remain available for as long as they're being viewed. They expire 365 days (one year) after the image is not viewed.

So, if you post an image and nobody looks at it for months it'll still be there. Every time the image is viewed the expiry date is pushed back another 730 days!


Why do we offer the free account option in this way?

The free accounts provide all the functionality many users need and the watermark helps to get our name out there, simple as that!

Also, we're new and by posting your hobby photos around the internet with our watermark on them you help us build a better service for everyone! At least, that's the idea!