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Revell Klingon D7: Nearing Completion

Revell Klingon D7: Lighting Test


Enterprise Warp Nacelle Circuit Diagram

Revell Enterprise, Melted Saucer

Revell Enterprise Secondary Hull Prepped f...

Not sure of the best positioning and arran...

Enterprise Navigation Lights Circuits

Warp Nacelle Circuit fitting

Assembled Warp Nacelle Board

Gluing the Revell Enterprise Parts Togethe...

Klingon D7 Ready for Painting

Klingon D7 Engine LED Lighting

Klingon D7 Engine LED Lighting Circuit

Revell Klingon D7 - Warp Nacelles

Klingon D7 Lighting Test

Photon LED Lighting

Klingon D7 Lighting Glued in Place

The inside hull lighting

Revell Enterprise NCC-1701

Enterprise Primary Hull lighting