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I love old SCI-FI, things like Space 1999, Star Trek and Dr Who. I actually got in to modelling because of my love of the Enterprise and wanting to have one I could admire.

I've not been modelling long (I've not done many models) so my skills are quite limited but when I find time I enjoy it greatly!

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Revell Klingon D7: Nearing Completion

Revell Klingon D7: Flimsy Neck

Revell Klingon D7: Decals

Revell Klingon D7: Lighting Test

Revell Klingon D7: Airbrushing detail panels

Revell Klingon D7: Pre-shading

Revell Klingon D7: 1st Coat

Revell Klingon D7: Masking

Revell Klingon D7: Masking

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Enterprise nav lights circuit disaster

Revell Star Destroyer

My Models So Far

Revell Enterprise Colour Guide Colours

Enterprise Warp Nacelle Circuit Diagram

Revell Enterprise, Melted Saucer

Saucer section interior is about ready

Revell Enterprise Secondary Hull Prepped for LEDs

Not sure of the best positioning and arrangement